Agile In A Flash - Whew!!

We are off to the copy editor, and that means your Agile In A Flash cards are coming soon. 

See the official Pragmatic Bookshelf page!

See the O'Reilly catalog entry!

See the Amazon catalog entry!

See the ongoing series of articles in PragProg Magazine!

See the happy authors!

Thanks to everyone for the support and reviews and ideas and permissions.  It's fun to see a dream come true!

Now it's time to go replace my exclamation mark key. ;-)


  1. Congratulations, Tim!

    I remember talking about this a few years back in Des Moines. It's great to see you've made it real. Way to go!


  2. Tim,

    Congratulations to you and Jeff L. Can't wait to get my deck of cards.

    Scott Splavec


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