Getting the Word Out

By now, many of our readers (perhaps all) have recieved copies of the Agile In A Flash. The feedback we have received has been very positive and we are very encouraged. I understand that a few decks even traveled to the Agile Manifesto event in Salt Lake City.

Our goal is to get this tool into the hands of coaches, trainers, managers, product owners, and development teams all over the world. Since the book has only been out for less than one month, we don't have a lot of information about our sales, but we know from twitter that we are selling on several continents and that people are finding value in the books.

Our goal is to get the cards in the hands of the people who are really doing the work: your project team and its neighbors in the business where you work. If you are interested in helping promote the Agile In A Flash project:
  • Let your employers know that you are getting value from the deck, and maybe ask to outfit the whole team!
  • If you are a member of a user group or software interest group of any kind, talk to us about promotional give-aways. We might hook you up with discount coupons or maybe even a deck or two. 
  • On Feb 22, Java Ranch is holding a promotional event for us. Join us!
  • A review at your favorite on-line book retailer will encourage others to try Agile In A Flash.
  • Keep us in your tweets and status updates.
  • Send us a "Card Carrying" picture. We'll post them here. Maybe someone will be inspired!
  • Send us your great promotional ideas. We're all ears.
  • This blog could use a Digg or Reddit or HackerNews vote.
  • Vote us up at CodeBix

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