How to use the deck

People have been asking how to best use the cards in their teams.

We've had several notes via twitter or email about teams reading and discussing them at retrospectives or standup, and even using them in lightning talks at conferences.  We are happy to see them used in this way.

But people have been asking how normal, individual, non-coach team members can use the cards. Jeff provides our recipe for use of Agile in a Flash:
  • Pick a card that's relevant and read its front
  • Read the back
  • Re-read the front to help ingrain the short list
  • Consider tacking the card up, so that it's in your face, helping you ingrain the concepts
  • Seek and re-read related cards to get a more complete picture of the topic
  • Visit the corresponding post here on the blog site if you seek more detail on the topic and why we said some of the things we did
  • Visit the links located on many of the cards and at the blog site if needed
Don't forget to google the subject matter, because there is more written than we could fit in either the deck or the blog. Other opinions and recommendations are equally valid.

Please share and discuss the cards with your community, starting with the local software team and its neighbors but extending to conferences, user groups, or any other willing listeners. New insights can come from anywhere.

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