Two Agile Works that Work Great Together

Have you seen The Agile Samurai yet? We're currently reading it, and really enjoying it. You may see some new Samurai-inspired cards on this site in coming weeks. Jonathan Rasmusson has had kind things to say about Agile In A Flash as well.

Pragmatic programmers have recognized the value of these two works together, and offer a special deal on the physical works tucked away in their latest podcast announcement:
Don’t forget our special discount on our latest agile-themed titles. Save 35% on the paperbacks if you purchase both Agile in a Flash and The Agile Samurai. Just put both paperback books in your cart, and the 35% discount will be automatically applied. While supplies last. Does not apply to prior purchases, or to ebooks; do not read while operating heavy machinery, pages may be slippery when wet.

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