Article at Prag Prog, More to Come!

This is a news update, not another card, but our latest article is up at Pragmatic Programmers. 

We've gone a few weeks without a new card here, but it's because we've been working on the final versions of our cards to be published by Pragmatic Publishers "Real Soon Now."  You will find a lot of familiar content, but even more polished and even more condensed. You'll get to enjoy physical cards, suitable for sticking and sharing with your whole team or company.  Even better yet, they'll have been edited by actual professional editors.

We're not going to quit the blog, but we are going to be available in more forms than ever before. PragProg will release AgileInAFlash as physical cards and as ebooks.  Imagine how cool "Courage" or "ABCs of Pair Programming" will look on your hot little iPad or Android phone!   You'll have virtual Tim & Jeff everywhere you want to take us.  This blog continues to be a place to write your comments, or to see cards never before released into the wild.

When you get your deck(s), take a picture of yourself using the cards and send it to us. We'll be thrilled and honored to see how you use your AgileInAFlash in your daily work!