Agile In A Flash - Whew!!

We are off to the copy editor, and that means your Agile In A Flash cards are coming soon. 

See the official Pragmatic Bookshelf page!

See the O'Reilly catalog entry!

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See the ongoing series of articles in PragProg Magazine!

See the happy authors!

Thanks to everyone for the support and reviews and ideas and permissions.  It's fun to see a dream come true!

Now it's time to go replace my exclamation mark key. ;-)

New PragProg article--What Agile is Not

Latest update: The Agile in a Flash project is nearing final draft, close to being sent to production! Once that happens (perhaps end of next week), it's 6-8 weeks away from shipping to you.

Meanwhile, our latest PragPub article (available in multiple formats--see the PragPub magazine index--is out. It's called "What Agile is Not" and talks about some of our experiences with agile. Looking at the article, though, I wonder about the lead-off sentence for our conclusion paragraph:

"The advice from Kent Beck and Ron Jeffries for successful adoption of Agile Software Development has always been to start with the values. "

But is that true? I believe there have been some recent statements to the contrary on one of the mailing lists. My apologies to Ron/Kent--that's how I've always looked at things, so perhaps I'd projected my misinterpretation on their teachings. Feedback please?