Shu Ha Ri

The latest PragPub issue is out with our latest Agile in a Flash-related article, Sh Ha Ri: Learn, Detach, Transcend: Steps to Agile Mastery. Or go to the PragPub magazine page and choose a different format (PDF, epub, mobi, and HTML are available).

This article expands on some of the thoughts we presented in our original Agile in a Flash blog post on shu ha ri (complete with card facsimile). Shu ha ri is one of the cards we present in the soon-to-be-published PragProg deck.

Under Test

Apologies to AIAF readers. The article sent in RSS was intended to appear at AgileOtter blog, not here.

This is the problem with having multiple Blogger accounts starting with A, and writing at night when you are less wary about checking site names when writing. Apologies to readers and to my coauthor for the slip-up.