New PragProg article: Code Coupling

Our latest in our series of "big ideas in software" is now available and appearing in the PragPub January 2011 issue. This is the second article out of four, each covering one of cohesion, coupling, abstraction, and volatility. In this article on coupling, we talk about the impacts of too many dependencies in your software, and what you can do to prevent it.

In addition to the HTML version, you also find PDF, epub, and mobi versions of the article here.

Agile in a Flash is slated for publication on January 20! You can advance-order now from Amazon; you'll also soon be able to order in bulk, at a discount, from PragProg directly (and this is the kind of thing for which you'll want a separate copy for everyone on your team).

Meanwhile, Tim and I are banging out the next article, on abstraction, in the series. If you have any advance thoughts on what you'd like to see covered, drop a comment here or send us a line.

Thanks for reading!

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