Promo Video Contest

Tim and I aren't videographers (although I do like his video, see the previous post in this blog). Nor are we in real, day-to-day teams right now (I'm doing on-customer-site consulting, tough to get permissions and such). So we're looking for someone to provide us with a cool video that shows your team's use of Agile in a Flash, and helps promote the book.

We're offering as a prize a ten-pack of cards ($110 at PragProg) for the video we choose as the best. In return, you'd grant us rights and permissions to use the video and whoevers' likenesses for promotional use.

Please email me (jeff at if you have any further questions about the contest.

Contest deadline: February 28, 2011

Legal stuff: This is all arbitrary, and Tim and I reserve all rights, including the right to not choose a video if none suits our promotional needs.

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