It's here! After a few years of writing, a lot of editing, a bit of promotion, and a whole lot of work, Pragmatic Programmers has released Agile In A Flash.

To our knowledge there is not another product like this one anywhere in the world, on any topic. We've worked hard to make something useful and unique for our Agile community. We have spent a lot of time on format and form factor, phrasing, clarifying points when possible, and weeding out the cards that seemed less useful. As a result of our extreme culling and revisits, you will find powerful advice in a surprisingly small package.

Pragmatic Programmers helped us to make it affordable for teams and companies alike, and individual copies are not out of "impulse purchase" range.  This was a departure from their normal publishing activities, but they believed in it and did a lot of legwork to make it possible.  They've been supportive and amazing, and I hope you will reward them with your custom.

Thank you for your comments, reviews, tweets and retweets.  Today the project is entirely "real" and we appreciate all our readers have done (and may continue to do) to make this crazy little idea work.


  1. And you would find this at...

  2. Thanks Jeff.

    Indeed. It is published by Pragmatic Programmers at the URL Jeff Grigg gave us. It is also at amazon, borders, B and N, O'Reilly, and other fine booksellers.

    Take note of the five packs and ten packs, which make it easy to buy enough decks for your entire team. Handy!


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